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       Ultra Clarifier "HEX- BEAM


"Just when you thought it couldn't get any better"

After many intensive years of research, Bedini has developed the new slim-line Ultra Clarifier "HEX- BEAM".  Now with SIX opposing electro magnetic beams, nearly twice the rotation speed, vibration dampening,  improved timing processing and LED light processing indicator. You can now expect the very best treatment available from all your digital media. The new "HEX-BEAM" extracts even more information than previously thought possible. If you are an owner of one of our other clarifier models, then you can expect to relive the experience again. We guarantee you will be listening to every disc you own as least one more time.

With Bedini’s patented beam configuration, there is nothing on the market that can compare to the total listening experience you will “instantly” hear after treatment. Bedini has aligned four patented electromagnetic beams that penetrate the disc during rotation; in addition to this the rotation speed has been increased for an even dispersion of the specialized beams.  What this means is that you can expect far more hidden information to be retrieved. The patented processes ability to reduce the noise floor even further, allows you to enhance your listening pleasure to the extreme.

If you are a  audiophile or home theater enthusiast you can now truly experience the reality of the recorded media on any disc format.  With the use of the new Ultra Clarifier "Quadri Beam"  all pictures will be brighter and sharper, audio is crisper and cleaner.  With its patented Electro Magnetic Beam Configuration, the Clarifier polarizes the polymer in such a way as to maximize the laser's ability to retrieve stored data.  By using the Ultra Clarifier "Quadri Beam" to treat your CD's before playing, you will discover a distinct improvement in video and audio quality.


Independent reviewers have praised the qualities of the Ultra Clarifier and anyone who has an investment in their audio/video system should not be without this superior technical solution.  This is the only electromagnetic product designed specifically to treat and enhance all forms of CD media.   Experience sound and picture so real you'll think that you've upgraded all your components.  You owe it to yourself to take a test spin on the new  Ultra Clarifier "Quadri Beam" . We guarantee the results will be the most impressive forty seconds in your audio/video experience.

New features include:  Four Beams, Clear Plexiglas Dust Cover.

 "Quadri Beam" Ultra Clarifier $400.00 US MSRP 
+ Any additional charges for orders outside the US


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Due to new shipping regulations, Disk Washing Fluid has been discontinued. 


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